How to Write a Martial Arts ‘About’ Page

Martial Arts About Page - Sensei and Student

Customers who like a brand’s story are 55% more likelyto consider buying from them. This statistic proves that great, story-driven content can make a difference from a website visitor to a student. In the final part of my ‘How to Write a Martial Arts Website’ series, we will explore the ‘About’ page. Having an About […]

How to Write a Martial Arts Service Page

Welcome to the second part of my series where I attempt to break down some of the components that go into creating a website for your martial arts gym/school. 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if its content is unattractive, so by learning the key components of creating website content you can […]

How to Write a Martial Arts Homepage

Introduction The rise of MMA and other combat sports has massively increased the number of gyms worldwide, so much so that the martial arts studio market is now worth over $9 billion in the US alone. That means finding a unique way to stand out can be difficult, especially amongst more established gyms that already […]