How to Write a Martial Arts Service Page

Welcome to the second part of my series where I attempt to break down some of the components that go into creating a website for your martial arts gym/school.

38% of people will stop engaging with a website if its content is unattractive, so by learning the key components of creating website content you can provide significant benefits to your business.

In the first part, we looked at creating the ‘Homepage’, if you haven’t checked that out you can do so here.

Once you have your homepage you will need to create a service page or pages that detail what you’re providing. In this case, it will be the classes you run, and the disciplines you teach.

If you are a gym or school specialising in one martial art then this will be your key focus.

Service Title

The first thing to include is the title of the service you are providing. For example, BJJ, Muay Thai, K1, MMA, etc.

To help improve your search rankings, you should use a primary keyword here.

You could even include the location in the title to help improve your local search rankings.

The user has likely navigated to this page to find out more, so be clear that the page that landed on is the correct one to provide them with this.

An Introduction

It would be wise to assume that the user doesn’t know all that much about the chosen discipline. Perhaps only through a video, an article, or a recommendation.

You should provide relevant details as to what the martial art is, you could even include a brief history of where it originates and how it is used today.

There is no need to give a 10-page history lesson, it’s about giving them enough relevant details to pique their interest and seal the booking.

How to Write a Martial Arts Service Page
BJJ Introduction Example — London Fight Factory

Service Overview

Now that you have introduced the martial arts, you should talk about the service you provide.

Some details you could include are:


  • What makes you unique?
  • Why train at your gym over another in the area?
  • The story of your coaches, and how they got to be in this position.
  • Successful students you have trained before, and what they have achieved.
  • A brief run-through of what a typical class is like.


Benefits of your service

In this section, you can discuss how your service will benefit them. The reasons could be included as bullets or short brief sections.

Things you could include (depending on the martial arts):


  • Confidence — Learning and improving at a skill can provide a huge boost to your confidence, and overall self-image
  • Self-defense Skills — Learning … can help you defend yourself against any threats that may occur in the future etc.
  • Social Skills — Working and learning in a team environment can boost your social skills, as you learn and grow together.


These are only three brief examples of the benefits of learning a martial art, there is no need to create a list of 1000, but explaining how it can benefit the reader would increase their desire to book.

Images & Videos

Just like the homepage, including images and videos of your classes in action will help show the atmosphere and experience of attending this class at your gym.

How it works

It is common to include a timetable, or at least a link to a timetable for them to see when you run your classes.

You must include a clear call-to-action to book here, this is a key part of the funnel and they will likely want to book if you have great written content on your service page.


95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase. This means that testimonials and social proof are vital components in giving the reader further confidence in booking a class with you.

Types of social proof you could include:


  • Reviews
  • Written testimonials
  • Video Testimonials
  • Case Studies


How to Write a Martial Arts Service Page
Social Proof – MMALiverpool

Calls to action

The service page should have clear calls to action which will get them to book, this is very important as it’s the final step before the conversation.

Other Information

At the bottom of the page, it could be useful to include links to other classes and information as they may want to navigate further around your website to see what else you have to offer.

Also, including a contact form would be beneficial as it will give them the chance to contact you about any questions and queries they may have about the class.

Final thoughts on creating your Martial Arts Service Page

Your service page is a great way to give more details about the classes you offer and express to the reader why they should train with you.

It should attract the reader into booking by using informative story-driven content and information on how it will benefit them.

In the next article, we will discuss the ‘About Page’, and how to create an emotional connection using your story.

I am a copywriter who focuses on MMA-related content to help build credibility in the industry. Follow me for future updates and articles!

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