How to Write a Martial Arts ‘About’ Page

Customers who like a brand’s story are 55% more likelyto consider buying from them. This statistic proves that great, story-driven content can make a difference from a website visitor to a student.

In the final part of my ‘How to Write a Martial Arts Website’ series, we will explore the ‘About’ page.

Having an About Page gives you the chance to connect with the readers on an emotional level. It is said that 90% of customer decisions are based on emotions, so engagingly conveying your story can help further the decision of the reader.


The first section of the page will give a short introduction and headline, explaining what you do and for whom. This will instantly give the reader a grasp of your gym, and explain what the section will be about.

Top TipTo help boost your search engine results, the use of the location of the gym will help benefit this page.

Here are two great examples with opposing tones:

How to Write a Martial Arts ‘About’ Page
About — Masters Academy

Masters Academy uses good use of images and videos to tell their story, along with an accurate introduction of who they are, what they do, and from whom.

VictoryMMA on the other hand starts with a witty introduction, that feeds into the the page further.

How to Write a Martial Arts ‘About’ Page
About — VictoryMMA

Both variations are good, one is more factual and the other is more comical. Your decision will come down to the tone of your brand, and the feeling of your website.

The “Who We Are” Section

The main body of text included on the About Page will express the story of the gym, its missions, vision, and values.

It is typically one section but can be broken up into smaller subsections, e.g. one section for the story, another for the mission, and so on…

Things to include:


  • Background on the company – Every martial arts gym has a story embedded in its foundations. This usually derives from the coach, who has a certain level of martial arts experience to reach this point. Expressing this is vital in gaining an emotional connection with the readers.
  • How did it start, why did it start, and any challenges? – Once the background story has been played out, you should piece it together but discussing the development of the club, and the obstacles you’ve faced.
  • The vision for the future: You could include your aims for the club, such as providing a benefit to the community to support the development of important skills and to help children get out of trouble, etc.


This section will give you the chance to fully create that emotional connection, and help them get on board with the story you’re telling.

Our Team

Having a brief overview of your team, their achievements, and any certificates, etc would be a great way for the reader to have an initial connection to the coaches that will be training them.

Including a short piece about their individual story will help further the emotional connection to the reader.

How to Write a Martial Arts ‘About’ Page
Meet The Team — Diesel Gym

Our Achievements

As well as the coach’s achievements, including another section that talks about the club’s achievements would provide further proof that training at the club can increase their development as a fighter.

Things you could include:


  • Awards
  • Notable fighters
  • Competition results



Once you have built the emotional connection with the reader they will likely want to book.

You should include calls-to-actions across the page which lead them to the booking page, further information about the classes, or the timetable to see when they’re run.

Other links could include signing up for your newsletter, or a Contact Us form so they can ask further questions about the club.

How to Write a Martial Arts ‘About’ Page
Sign Up — Diesel MMA

Conclusion on How to Write a Martial Arts Website

During the 3-part series, we have covered some of the basic elements that go into producing website content for your martial arts gym/school.

Every gym will have its own brand, story, style, and feel so pages can come in many different varieties. It is important to remember that great story-driven content, as well as clear calls to action to convert, are very important in turning a reader into a student.

Your gym will be unique to your brand and story, and if told correctly can turn your website, and visitors, from a reader to a fighter.

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