How to Write a Martial Arts Homepage


The rise of MMA and other combat sports has massively increased the number of gyms worldwide, so much so that the martial arts studio market is now worth over $9 billion in the US alone. That means finding a unique way to stand out can be difficult, especially amongst more established gyms that already have fighters with national and international titles.

There are many different reasons you could be starting a gym, maybe you were an ex-fighter yourself, or perhaps a coach wanting to begin their venture. Whatever the reason, what’ll make your gym unique is the person creating it. Your story, and how you got to be in the position can captivate readers and entice many people to start.

This article will highlight how you can use the written word to develop your homepage into something that will electrify the reader and turn those visitors into students.

Above The Fold Section

The first section of your homepage is the ‘Above the Fold’ section, and it is the part of the webpage shown before scrolling. This is the first section your reader will see, it should grab their attention with a clear headline, and sub-heading. It is generally said that 8/10 people only read the headline of the copy, so it is important to get this right.

Headline — An attention-grabbing heading will suck the reader into further page consumption. Lots of MMA gyms love to use their location as this will benefit SEO, and help you rank higher on Google. For Example “ Freedom Fight Club, the #1 gym in Brixton”

Subheading — A subheading will support the heading and perhaps give more of a brief overview of what your gym is about. For Example “ FFC will turn your fighting dreams into a reality. With decades of coaching experience, we can take you right to the very top!”

CTA — A clear call to action to help the reader get closer to booking a class with you. From research, it is very common to include a ‘Learn More’ button that will offer more information about the club and what it offers.

How to Write a Martial Arts Homepage
Above the Fold — Next Generation MMA

About The Gym

It is popular to include a short section that tells the story of the gym, this is usually a short paragraph that will give the reader an option to learn more about the history of how it started.

Story-driven content can hook the reader into booking by providing an emotional connection to your gym. Great story-written content about your gym could make the difference from just a visitor to a conversion.

How to Write a Martial Arts Homepage
Club Story Example — Rodger Gracie BJJ

Features, benefits, and services

This section will show the viewer what your club has to offer, the description of what that service is, and how it will benefit them. If you are a club that only runs classes in one discipline, highlight what your students will learn and how you will teach it. If you teach multiple disciples, then mentioning their features and benefits will be important.

Take one of your services for example ‘Muay Thai’, to engage the reader they will unlikely just want you to state ‘good for your health’, ‘great for fitness’, etc. Instead use these benefits of learning the sport to target how the audience feels, for example, ‘Muay Thai is an ancient Thai martial art that provides you with the skills to master all eight limbs. Here at our gym, we will teach you the correct techniques to fully utilize your punches, kicks, elbows, and knees, and allow you to have fun while gaining fitness and strength. So what are you waiting for, roundhouse kick your way into 2024 by booking a class today!’

Give some insight into what the martial arts is, a brief overview, what they will learn, and how it will benefit them. Try to paint a picture, and target their pain points without writing a novel. Brief and relevant will do the trick. Then include a clear call-to-action, this will be a button or link that gives them the opportunity to find out more about the class, the timetable, and the option to book.

K1 | Muay Thai | MMA | BJJ


Testimonials, reviews, and case studies will be evidence that your gym is one worth visiting. It will give the reader with reassurance that your gym has credibility and provides value for money.

If you are only just starting then target this as a goal for your new gym, and aim to build strong testimonials to include for your website as they can convert readers into students.


“Zen Combat is a brilliant club and a perfect space to train. Jason is a fantastic coach who puts a lot of time and effort into developing his fighters. It has a welcoming environment and superb club atmosphere which makes it a worthwhile visit if you’re looking to train in one of their many disciplines.” Ackland, T.

Pictures & Videos

Pictures are great at showing off your gym, and its facilities. It will provide good evidence of the gym atmosphere and a look at how your classes are run.

Pictures to include:


  • Gym facilities
  • People training
  • Notable fighters
  • Coaches teaching classes
  • Any competitions your students have participated in


Clear CTA’s to book & and learn more

You can drive conversations by having clear call-to-actions across the front of your homepage. This will allow people to learn more about the gym, and book classes.

Try to aim for around 3 CTA’s, they are a vital next step at taking your website visitors down the funnel and potentially booking a class.

CTA’s you could include:


  • Book Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Start Today
  • Our Timetable


These could be included as button links after each section.

You could also flow text into a call to action, for example, “What are you waiting for? Book now, and turn your fighting dreams into a reality!”

Notable Fighters

This can be included in detail on a separate page, but if you have any notable fighters who may have national and international titles then it could be very beneficial to include them on the homepage. It will provide evidence that your coaching can lead students to success in a given combat sport.

Any certifications or affiliations (Logo Bar)

A logo bar of certifications could be included, for example, your boxing license, etc.

This will provide further evidence that you are qualified to train in your given discipline.

How to Write a Martial Arts Homepage
Logo bar of companies — London Shootfighters

Final thoughts on How to Write a Martial Arts Homepage:

What I have included is a short overview of the sections that would be vital to help make your martial arts homepage stand out. They can be included in different order depending on the style, and design of your homepage but each section will provide evidence to the reader that your gym is worth training at.

Remember that your gym will have an atmosphere, an aura, or a feeling about it like no other that can be pictured through words. Your story can be told in a captivating and engaging way that draws attention from the reader and leads them to book a class. Your skills and knowledge can be highlighted to prove that your gym is worth the visit. Whatever direction you want to take your audience in can be achieved by using the right words, and painting an enticing picture.

As the martial arts industry continues to blossom, you can find a way to stand out, and that can be achieved through the beauty of copywriting.

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